20. Sep, 2018

Galerians Tamil Dubbed Movie Torrent

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The Galerians want to destroy the human race. However, a young man named Rion who is a psychic, can fight against them.

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original title: Galerians

genge: Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Mystery,Sci-Fi

tags: Agony. Madness. Death. Chemicals have their side effects.

keywords: violence, blood, psychic, telekinesis, psionicpower, telepathy, cyberpunk, death

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The Galerians want to destroy the human race. However, a young man named Rion who is a psychic, can fight against them. Note that I have never heard of Galerians before until I saw it on MTV2 around 1 am,and for me,it was a great movie.Starts off with Rion,a 14 year old teen with strange powers waking up in a hospital with no memory but his name and his parents.He keeps hearing this voice calling out to him and he goes off to find the source of this voice.Bad news is, he can't take ten steps without getting attacked.We then see how powerful Rion is,he defeats his enemies,finds out his destiny,the girl who was calling out to him,and defeats Dorothy,the crazy computer who creates these Galerians(people who have special powers)and who wants to take over the world and be God.Bad side to this-he dies at the end in Lilia's-the girl-arms.This movie had great dialogue,cool music,and some tragic mixed with sci-fi into it. Some scene are quite bloody and very graphical.The only thing that bugged me though was that all the characters mouth movements didn't match the dialogue, the people moved weirdly (glided instead of walked),and Rion seemed to defeat all the baddies,even Dorothy,easily.Plus,unless you are a huge fan of the game,you won't like it due to it being kinda confusing and somewhat having weird character movement which will bug you.Plus, it takes you awhile to keep up with what's going on. So, if you are not into PS2,sci-fi,anime,or sad endings, keep away. The last seconds of the intro right before the start menu has been removed for the European Version. Furthermore Rion's influence on his enemies during a mental overload has been altered. In the US Version, the blood splatters out of the heads when they're blowing up. In the European on the other hand, the enemies just get tossed away which causes hematopoiesis.


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